Monday, 26 March 2012

Bubbles, part 1

Hey everyone!
Here's a gif I made from some picture I took yesterday.
I'm gonna have 2-3 more parts, so stay tuned for that!
I know the quality isn't the best, but the gif program I use makes the quality of the pictures worse.


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mini Photo Bomb

Hey everybody!
I looked through some "old" photo's (actually photos I just haven't published) and thought I'd share them with you!

Me and Anna in Sweden-Stockholm at summer.

AliceAnna and me, on our way for a lovely boat ride!
 Just another picture from summer!
We spent A LOT of time in London, which I absolutely love!
 And here's the last picture I thought I'd share with you guys, at the end of christmas when all the snow had nearly melted away.

Hope you enjoyed these few pictures, 
bye for now! 


Chocolate rose cake.

Hey guys! Long time no see!
Woah, time has past so fast!
I've been quite busy and haven't had anything to post about recently. I am trying out the "blogger app" from my phone, to see if that's any good!
The quality won't be too good since it's from my phone.

Okay, back to the subject, I've baked a lot recently (well, me my mum and my sister) and today we baked this cake! It's a chocolate cake inside and it's decorated with a chocolate frosting.
With help from a special nozzle we created a "pattern" so it looks like roses!