Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Some things I bought in London.

As I said earlier on I was gonna do a post about some of the few things I bought in London. 

 I bought a ceramic notepad, it's just really good for home/school/work.
 I bought a starbucks cup, it'll keep your drink either warm or cold.

 Then I bought a thing called "front cover". You simply just take it on any eyeshadow you wish, and the colour of that eyeshadow becomes an eyeliner. I thought that was really cool because you can just wash it and use another colour depending on what colour you want. So, ofcourse, I bought it!
 I also bought the Britney Spears perfume called midnight fantasy. It's quite old, but I really love all the Britney Spears perfumes, and it was so small and cute and it was on sale!

I bought these cute flats from OFFICE. They're so pretty, so I couldn't resist buying them!


Anonymous said...

Very nice things you bought in London. I also love shopping when I'm on holiday. xxx Monique


I love shopping anytime! Thank you! xxx

Anonymous said...

thos shoes are amazing! luving ur blog!!

Tiny Bow Blogger said...

very cute flats! xox