Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spring Blossom

Hey everybody!
Just thought I'd do a quick post of my outfit today!

Jumper - Forever 21 (under it I just have a white top from H&M)
Skirt - Zara (It's supposed to be a top but I think it looks cuter like a skirt so I use it as a skirt)
Wedges - H&M Divided


For my nails I'm using another O.P.I nail varnish called "Sparkling Personality".
As you may understand, my absolute favorite nail varnish brand is O.P.I!
Later on I will do a review of all my OPI's and how I grow my nails etc!

 Across our garden they have 2 horses! They used to have 5 horses, but they moved.

Really feels like spring now!
By the way, what do you think of how I curled my hair? I'm thinking of doing a tutorial of how I curl my hair, but I don't know! 

Should I?

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I'll post something sooner or later!



Anonymous said...

You look really pretty in this outfit. I love your hair and nail varnish. xxx

Anonymous said...

This outfit is absolutly amazing!
And I would love to have some tutorials!
You blog is really cool!

Lilli said...

nice look and jumper! of course I follow u back!:) xoxo

TheaLeuzzi said...

GUD vad du är vacker!! <3

Anonymous said...

You should do a tutorial:)

Fabi ♥ said...

Hey, you are really really beautiful and I like your blog :)

It would be soo nice if you visit mine too <3

Susan said...

yes please do a tutorial on how u curl your hair :) <3